The references

Centre•Sciences, CCSTI of region Centre-Val de Loire

For its implementation of interactive exhibitions like Mathematical Horizons - the d'Alembert prize for mathematics, 1984 - and Maths 2000, two series of posters displayed in forty countries: Maths in Nature and Maths in daily life and a brochure produced with the support of the European Commission.

The Research Institute of Education of the Tokai University

Organized through Professor Jin Akiyama, assembled a number of important mathematical objects and hands on displays, presented in two exhibitions in Manila and Seoul, Korea. These productions also formed the basis of exhibits in the Japanese museums of mathematics, notably the museum in Fuji.

The European Mathematical Society

Who produced a series of posters : 400 copies were distributed to more than twenty countries. The active participation and support of the Committee RPAMaths made it possible for 10 000 copies of the booklet mathematics of the daily life to be produced for the World Mathematical Year. The Committee planned a competition for posters in the year 2000; these posters were primarily for display in the transports in large European towns and cities.

The working group of World Mathematical Year

Mireille Chaleyat-Maurel, Catherine Goldstein, Jean Brette and Gérard Tronel had developed many actions, notably a series of posters displayed in the Paris Metro; they also designed and distributed the posters and booklets Mathematics in the daily life. For these activities, the groupe was awarded the d'Alembert prize in 2002.